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We successfully transitioned 21 local merry-go-round women groups to village savings and loan association (VSLA) schemes, and they have completed a 12-month cycle of operations. By December 2023, the groups had accrued Sh1,110,622, which they distributed to the members. The groups have a membership ranging from 10 to 15.

At the start of the year, the groups established three key funds: a savings kitty that now stands at Sh540,840, a social fund (that serves as a safety net for emergencies or community functions) totalling Sh202,550, and a loan fund of Sh1,651,462.

The VSLA scheme is one of the components in our plan to build women’s capacity to enhance their access to capital and business management skills. This year, we continued working with the Office of the Narok County Woman Representative and National Government agencies, including the National Government Affirmative Action Fund, the Women Enterprise Fund, and the Youth Fund. The Olderkesi Women CBO received a grant of Sh400,000 from the National Government Affirmative Action Fund, which the group invested in their VSLA, and Olkimitare Bonga Women Group received Sh200,000, which they used to purchase 150-seater tents for hire. Forty-one members borrowed loans from the groups to support their projects and are currently running small businesses.

The Swedish International Development Agency supported our capacity-building sessions and coordination meetings with various stakeholders through World Vision Kenya under a programme called IMARA, which we are co-implementing with several partners.

“It is incredible witnessing the increase in VSLAs despite the challenge of high illiteracy. We look forward to building the capacity of more women and support them as they journey towards economic independence.”
~ Sharon Shetishoi Mpario, Programme Officer, Enterprise

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