The story of James Kaani Nampaso

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From a herd’s boy to the world’s top safari guide, James’ story is not different from any other Maasai boy growing in the vast great plains of Maasai Mara but on how he managed to scoop one of the most prestigious and sought after award is a story that you would want to hear.

Before joining Koyiaki Guiding school, James worked as a room steward, of course, untrained at that time but because of his passion and how much he was willing to learn and serve at the same time, James was given that opportunity by kicheche camp.
His passion to work in the tourism industry grew and that’s when James applied to join koyiaki Guiding school. Through a competitive process of both written and oral interviews, he got admission at Koyiaki in 2006 and completed his one year course in 2007.
He was awarded with a Bronze which is the first qualification of tour guiding in Kenya according to the Kenya Professional Guides Association. For the first 3 years in kicheche, James worked as a mechanic despite the fact that he was a qualified safari guide and in late 2010, he was given a role of becoming a full guide. Soon after, he received an eco-training from South Africa.

James developed a lot of interest in Photography in the year 2012 and in the year 2016, he took part in Maasai Mara wildlife competition in Photography where he became the 2nd runners up. ‘I grew a lot interest in photography and to me, passion, determination and luck best describe me’ says James. In 2019, he won the wanderlust world guide, top safari guide in the world which is one of the most prestigious awards in the world.

To James, the sky has never been the limit, He is now a silver guide driver and still working with kicheche Mara.

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